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BlueJeans vs. Zoom: Video conferencing apps compared - Hi2Day!

BlueJeans vs. Zoom: Video conferencing apps compared

In such a short time, coronavirus has changed the way that we work and communicate, but thanks to video conferencing apps, it is now possible to do business from anywhere in the world. These apps have become an integral part of business, proving that they are here to stay, especially given the rise of the remote worker and teleworking.

The right video conferencing app can provide everything you need for successful meetings and events in a world increasingly gone digital. But which is better when it comes to Zoom versus BlueJeans? We take a deep dive.

What does BlueJeans feature?

Multi-faceted tele-networking with intelligent workplace solutions


  • HD video
  • Dolby Voice audio
  • Unlimited recordings
  • Transcriptions in real-time
  • Meeting highlights
  • Custom performance analytics
  • Advanced security features
  • Unlimited 1:1 meetings
  • Unlimited group meetings
  • Meet for as long as needed


BlueJeans is trusted with the business of big companies like Adobe, Facebook, and Virgin.  

There are several ways to meet using BlueJeans software, with multiple room systems all easily categorized for your use: 

  • BlueJeans Meetings: Enjoy secure virtual meetings.
  • BlueJeans Events: Gain access to interactive live streaming for webinars and virtual events.
  • BlueJeans Rooms: Use Rooms for private, intelligent workspaces.
  • BlueJeans Gateway: Use Microsoft Teams rooms via Cloud Video Interop.
  • BlueJeans Telehealth: Enjoy virtual healthcare with BlueJeans Telehealth.

BlueJeans features one-touch access to several types of meeting platforms and is compatible with multiple devices and browsers for easy compatibility. There are upgraded security measures boasting enhanced HD video with Dolby Voice audio. An added benefit is that guests do not need an account to join your meeting, so you can still meet with whomever you like without the requirement of a paid subscription.  

How much does BlueJeans cost?

Plans and pricing

There are several plan options to use the BlueJeans platform. All plans come with unlimited 1:1 meetings and group meetings with the ability to meet for as long as needed.

PlanPricePrimary features
Virtual Meetings
BlueJeans Standard$12.49 host/mo$119.88 host/yrUp to 100 participantsFive hours of meeting recording per host
BlueJeans Pro$17.49 host/mo$167.88 host/yrUp to 150 participants25 hours of meeting recording per hostCommand Center AnalyticsSlack and Microsoft Teams workstream integrationsOkta and Splunk security integrations
BlueJeans Enterprise$19.99 host/mo$199.92 host/yrUp to 200 participantsUnlimited meeting recording per hostAutomated closed captioningReal-time transcriptionBrand customization
BlueJeans Enterprise PlusContact for quoteCustom licensing, access, and support
BlueJeans Video Webinars/Events – 100 attendees$99/mo$996/yrUnlimited non-concurrent webinarsMaximum two-hour webinarsAttendee workflow and reportingAttendee engagement featuresFacebook Live streamingAutomated closed captioning
BlueJeans Video Webinars/Events – 200 attendees$379/mo$3,756/yrUnlimited non-concurrent webinarsMaximum two-hour webinarsAttendee workflow and reportingAttendee engagement featuresFacebook Live streamingAutomated closed captioning
BlueJeans Video Webinars/Events – 500 attendees$599/mo$5,988/yrUnlimited non-concurrent webinarsMaximum two-hour webinarsAttendee workflow and reportingAttendee engagement featuresFacebook Live streamingAutomated closed captioning
Large-Scale Video EventsContact for quoteUp to 50,000 view-only attendeesFlexible event lengthBlueJeans Accelerator for network performanceRestricted EventsAdvanced support
Gateway for Microsoft Teams
Per Room Plan$113.85 room/mo$1,188 room/yrCloud video interopUp to 19 rooms
Large Scale Deployment PlanContact for quoteCompatible with all SIP/H.323 endpointsFour-step deployment processOne-touch meeting joinReal-Time call analyticsDeployment support

What are the pros and cons to BlueJeans?


BlueJeans brings the power of Verizon to its virtual meeting tools, offering an extra layer of security and reliability for your peace of mind. It is a simple matter to get set up, and users also rave about the excellent audio quality on each call. BlueJeans also offers the power to host more than 10,000 guests with its event and webinar plans.


BlueJeans does have some setbacks. Users have reported issues with software updates, leading to complications and delays when it comes time to meet. There are also reports that the software can become glitchy when connecting via external platforms, so users recommend using the BlueJeans app for best functionality. BlueJeans does not offer a free plan, so you will need to subscribe for use after the free 14-day trial concludes.

What does Zoom feature?

Flexible, HIPAA-compliant telenetworking solutions for large corporations


  • HIPAA-compliant telehealth 
  • Zoom Apps for easy integration
  • Meetings for 10,000+ participants
  • Zoom home phone service
  • Unlimited group meetings
  • Unlimited one-on-one meetings 
  • Lobby chat option
  • Cloud recordings
  • Monetization
  • Live streaming


Join existing Zoom customers such as Capital One, Western Union, DocuSign, and Nasdaq. 

Zoom gives you several options for your telenetworking, including:

  • Zoom Meetings: Host up to 500 guests with unlimited group and one-on-one meetings.
  • Zoom Rooms: Keep your meetings secure with Zoom Rooms. 
  • Zoom Events and Webinars: Enjoy full-scale event and webinar management for over 10,000 guests.
  • Zoom App Marketplace: Zoom Apps integrate right into your video, including Slack, Zoom for HubSpot, and Google Workspace integrations.
  • Zoom for Home: There is also phone service and integration with smart homes via Zoom for Home.
  • Zoom United: Bundle chat, phone, and meetings for up to 500 guests.

Host anywhere from 100 guests for free to more than 10,000 guests with special licensing. Zoom’s free plan is generous with hosting for 100 guests, unlimited meetings of 40 minutes or less, and one-on-one meetings with a 30-hour time limit. There is also available chat for participants with the ability to stream via your favorite social media platforms and cloud storage. Users also have the ability to host multi-session events with full attendee reporting and engagement reports for additional insight.

How much does Zoom cost?

Plans and pricing

PlanPricePrimary features
Zoom Meetings
Basic$0Host up to 100 guestsUnlimited group meetings up to 40 minutesUnlimited one-on-one meetings with 30-hour limitPrivate and group chat
Pro$14.99/month per license$149.90/year per licenseHost up to 100 guestsUnlimited group and one-on-one meetings with 30-hour limitSocial media streaming1 GB cloud recording per license
Business$19.99/month per license$199.90/year per licenseHost up to 300 guestsSingle sign-onRecording transcriptsManaged domainsCompany branding 
Large Enterprise-Ready$19.99/month per license$240/year per licenseHost up to 500 participantsUnlimited cloud storageRecording transcripts
Zoom Events & Zoom Webinars
Zoom Webinar 500$79/month per licenseUp to 500 guestsUnlimited webinars for up to 30 hours eachExportable registration and attendee listsLive streamingMonetizationCloud recordingsEngagement reports
Zoom Events 500$99/month per licenseWebinar package plus:Event management toolsEvent hub to organize and showcase eventMulti-session eventsCustom registration and ticketingAttendee networking lobby with chatPost-event recording managementDetailed event reporting
Zoom Webinar 1,000$340/month per license$3,400/year per licenseWebinar package plus:Up to 1,000 guests
Zoom Events 1,000$440/month per license$4,400/year per licenseEvents package plus:Up to 1,000 guests
Zoom Webinar 3,000$990/month per license$9,900/year per licenseWebinar package plus:Up to 3,000 guests
Zoom Events 3,000$1290/month per license$12,900/year per licenseEvents package plus:Up to 3,000 guests
Zoom Webinar 5,000$2,490/month per license$24,900/year per licenseWebinar package plus:Up to 5,000 guests
Zoom Events 5,000$3,240/month per license$32,400/year per licenseEvents package plus:Up to 5,000 guests
Zoom Webinar 10,000$6,490/month per license$64.900/year per licenseWebinar package plus:Up to 10,000 guests
Zoom Events 10,000Contact for pricingEvents package plus:Up to 10,000 guests
Zoom Webinar 10,000+Contact for pricingWebinar package plus:Up to 10,000+ guests
Zoom Events 10,000+Contact for pricingEvents package plus:Up to 10,000+ guests
Zoom Rooms
Zoom Rooms$49/month per room$499/year per room(free 30-day trial)Up to 49 Zoom Rooms licenses
Zoom United
Pro$25/month per user$250/yearChat and Phone, plus:Meetings up to 100 participants1 GB cloud storage recording per licenseSocial media streaming
Business$30/month per user$300/yearChat and Phone, plus:Meetings up to 300 participantsSingle sign-onRecording transcriptsManaged domainsCompany branding
Enterprise$30/month per user$360/yearChat and Phone, plus:Meetings up to 500 participants

What are the pros and cons to BlueJeans?


Zoom makes it easy to use its software, offering a free plan for customers. Guests are not required to make an account, so you can get started that much sooner. There are unlimited meetings, so you do not have to track usage, and if you upgrade to a paid plan, you can host webinars for more than 10,000 guests.


Zoom’s free plan does carry limitations, like limiting the time for each meeting to 40 minutes. It also limits how many guests you can invite, even when you subscribe to a paid plan. Zoom has several options for plans, with pricing ranging from the free plan to custom quotes that cost several thousand dollars per month for your larger corporations. For smaller groups, the amount you pay depends on the features you choose, but can still add up quickly.

How do BlueJeans and Zoom compare?

Although similar, there are some key differences between BlueJeans and Zoom that can help you determine which may be a better fit for you.

Software requirements

BlueJeans offers its own app for download, as well as a desktop software that works with Windows, Mac, and Linux systems. Zoom also has an app and is compatible with Windows, Mac, and Linux systems, plus several other systems, like Mint, CentOS, and Fedora operating systems.

Meeting types

Both Zoom and BlueJeans have meeting and event features with the option for private rooms. From there, the services each offer their own custom features. While BlueJeans offers virtual telehealth and a Gateway feature for Microsoft Teams, Zoom takes a different focus with webinars and a loaded app marketplace. Zoom also integrates with your smart home to create an all-in-one home bundle of phone, chat, and meetings for up to 500 attendees.


There is an enormous difference when comparing the usage available between BlueJeans and Zoom. Zoom accommodates meetings with up to 500 guests, but if you sign up for BlueJeans, you can host webinars and events for more than 10,000 guests. If you anticipate that you will hold large meetings in the future, BlueJeans gives you the room to grow, something that Zoom lacks.


BlueJeans Virtual Meetings begin at $12.49 per month for its Standard plan, but pricing quickly becomes more expensive as you begin adding extra features. There is no free plan, but there is a free 14-day trial, so you can take the features for a test drive before you have to commit with your credit card. Zoom does not offer a free trial, but there is a free plan if you need basic meeting capability. 

Which video conferencing app is right for you?

You have short, occasional meetings,Zoom is right for you
You manage large teams,BlueJeans Gateway can help.
You need virtual health care,BlueJeans TeleHealth is for you.
You have a smart home,Zoom for Home can integrate with your home.
You have a lot of meetings and want to save money,Consider bundling services with Zoom United.

Are there alternative video conferencing apps worth considering?

Zoom and BlueJeans are far from the only telenetworking solutions. Other alternatives for your video conferencing include companies such as these:

  • Google Meet: Also known as Google Hangouts Meet, Google Meet allows users to interact within the Google Workspace. 
  • GoToMeeting: As one of the original meeting apps, GoToMeeting has a high limit for your meeting team, but you will have to upgrade when you want to meet with more than 150 attendees.
  • Microsoft Teams: A subscription is necessary to access advanced features, but Microsoft Teams offers a convenient way to communicate and work within the Microsoft platform.
  • Cisco Webex: The free plan gives access to up to 100 guests for a maximum of 50 minutes per meeting. 

Is Zoom or BlueJeans free to use?

You can use Zoom for free, but BlueJeans requires users to purchase a plan after the 14-day trial. 

Which video conferencing app is best for business?

BlueJeans offers expanded meeting capability with extra features like virtual telehealth and large webinar capacity to best meet the needs of a growing business.

Which video conferencing app is best for personal use?

Zoom is a video conferencing software that is best for personal use with an affordable free plan, expanded meeting tools, and smart home integration to make life at home a breeze.

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